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» Windows 7 Guide

Gizmodo has done an aweful lot of reviewing Windows 7.. They even said that it was “Worth The Upgrade”. Which is saying quite a bit for an organization that surely leans more Apple. Personally, I think I’ll stick to XP for a while. In fact I might never get Windows 7. Here’s everything of value Read More… »

» The Office – Koi Pond

Image via Wikipedia I found this incredibly interesting recap of the Koi Pond episode from the office. It is really in depth. Of course, Michael just has to take Halloween up a notch from the usual antics. And his fall into the pond really set the premise for the rest of the episode. It might Read More… »

» Phillies vs Yankees

Phillies/New York Yankees game, no surprises here. The Yankees, I think, are just destined to be the predominant baseball team. I am just dying to see them get knocked off of their high horse sometime in the near future. I will say that it took until later in the game for them to score, so Read More… »

» How Should Twitter Advertise?

Cloud Ave. wonders “Is it a Good Idea to Have Ads in Tweets?”. I think not. At least not in the way that we currently think about ads. So for instance textual ads. They would most likely clutter the interface of twitter. But.. Twitter is going to have to find a way to monetize their Read More… »

» Freelance Home Writer on Hub Pages

What an incredibly in depth article reviewing Hub Pages. Hub pages is a lot like Squidoo in that the “hubs” that you write tend to be fairly in depth. But, like Snipsly, the Revenue Sharing is the main goal. Of course, Alexa and page rankings take a while to build, but there is no doubt Read More… »

» Tips to Blog

This is certainly a short and sweet article from Tips to Blog on Making Money with Adsense. I am glad that he mentions the revenue sharing sites though, because that is what Snipsly is. I do think highly of both Xomba, but I have to say that Snipsly has a better revenue split than Xomba. Read More… »

» Click and Down

This is a long, but good intro on Adsense from Click and Down,  How to Make Money With AdSense Made Easy by Click And Down – Unlimited WebSource. They are absolutely right that Adsense is a solid and professional source of monetization. He talks about how Google only allows quality sites with quality content to joing their Read More… »

» 10 WordPress Plugins For Adsense

I saw this post on the Full Nulled Scripts site about the 10 Best WordPress Plugins for Google Adsense. It seems like a good site, but I have to say that I am pretty amazed that they didn’t mention any Adsense Revenue Sharing plugins. It took me a long time to find one that not Read More… »

» Turn your writing into Cash

Snipsly allows anyone to post just about any kind of content they can think of. A short post, a long story, even pictures and video. And you can make some money off of the ads that are shown. It’s pretty easy. Just sign up for a Google Adsense account and then add your ID to Read More… »

» Sign Up with Snipsly

Signing up with Snipsly is easy. Just click the Sign Up button and enter your email address and user name. A new password will be emailed to you (you can change it later). Then login to your new account and you can begin posting immediately. Of course, you may want to update your profile with Read More… »