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How to Make A Low Salt Ham & Cheese Omelet

It is hard to find ingredients that are low in salt, but they are out there if you look. Herbs can add a great taste to any dish if you know which ones to use. These herbs can help spice up a dull omelet.

First get yourself 3 large eggs, about 1/4 cup of low fat milk mix and blend together. Add some a pinch of sage, garlic powder, tarragon , and some thyme. cover and put back in the refrigerator till ready.

Get your ham either already diced or whole and cut into 1/2 inch chunks, about 3/4 cup. Then get a pot of boiling water and add your diced ham to the water. This will take out some of the salt needed to make ham. Let boil for about 5 minutes, drain then wrap boiled ham in a paper towel to dry. Set to the side.

Then get yourself some low salt cheese, about 3/4 cup, yes it is out there. Here it varies with the type of cheese that you like, and really just about any cheese is okay. Either graded or whole, if whole you have to cut into thin slices. Set to the side. Remember the cheese should be melted when your omelet is done.

Get a 10″ skillet and add a little olive oil to it and heat on medium high. Rotate the oil around to where it covers the pan then add the egg mixture you set in the refrigerator. Spread the egg mixture evenly in the pan. Wait till the egg mixture starts to bubble. Then on one side of the mixture add your ham and cheese, and with a spatula put it under the end that does not have the ham and cheese and flip it over on top of the ham and cheese. Then slide to the middle of the pan, reduce heat and let set for about a minute. Then get your spatula under the omelet and make on quick flip in the pan and let cook for a minute and serve.

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