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How to Patch Small Nail Holes In Your Wall

Ever pull a nail out of a wall and notice the little hole. No big deal, but you keep walking by and looking at the hole. Then you say to yourself “I need to fix that”. Well this is how, and also save you from having to hire someone like me to fix it.

When you pull the nail out, or if it is already out, check along the edges of the hole for torn paper. It the face of the drywall paper is torn, then lift the paper ever so gently and cut off with a utility knife. Then take the handle end of the utility knife and rub along the hole ever so slightly, pressing the edges in.

Next get some spackle and put a little on your finger. Then wipe it along the nail hole, if the hole is smaller than 1/8 inch. If the hole is bigger than 1/8 inch I recommend getting a small spackle knife to spread the spackle over the hole. Do not over do it with the spackle, you are fixing a hole not doing a major repair. Let the spackle sit and dry.

Finally after the spackle has dried, look at the repair and see if there is excess spackle that makes the area look rough. If so wipe it down with your hand, or a wet cloth to make it smooth. Sometimes on a small hole the spackle can match the texture and you are finished without having to texture the wall and ready to paint.

If you need to texture, you can purchase at your local hardware store or mega store a small can of spray texture. If your wall texture looks like an orange peel then you need the orange peel kind of texture. If your texture looks like bloches the size of dimes and nickels you will need the knockdown texture. When you are ready to spray the texture on always do a practice sample on a piece of cardboard or paper, and follow the instructions on the can.

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