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Oregonspiceman’s Quick And Tasty Bar-B-Que Sauce For Chicken

Okay here is my secret recipe for quick bbq sauce that I put on chicken. Everything is by taste so throw out the measurements.

The base that I use is some sweet hot sauce that you can buy at your local store. It will come in a glass bottle so you can see what you are getting. Believe it or not the sauce may be sweet and hot but it is not that hot.

Next I add some apple cider vinegar. Not much just enough to put a little twang in the sauce. If you like your sauce without the vinegar taste then you can disregard this step.

Then I add some honey. I like raw honey that has unique flavors. This can help change the flavor of the sauce by the different type of honey that you use. Taste what you have mixed and if you want a sweeter taste add more, and if you want a little more bite add some more sweet hot sauce.

Then the final ingredients. Get some minced garlic and add to your desired taste. See I told you to throw out the measuring spoons. Then get some dried onions and throw some in, again to desired taste.

Then after all is said and done taste your sauce again see if it fits your taste buds. If not then add more of these ingreidents to fit your taste.

If the flavor is not right for you then add some herbs, such as sweet basil, tarragon, sage. Or you could add some salt and pepper if desired

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