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Pharmaceutical Sales Job Interview-Questions to Expect

What Questions can you expect in a pharmaceutical sales job interview? Let me start off by saying that you might feel like you are being bullied in a pharmaceutical sales interview. Dealing with doctors all day is tough and the interviewer will more than likely be short with you and not show you much affirmation. You might feel like your interview is not going well but  it is probably going just fine. You will get questions thrown at you that are behavioral questions. These questions will put you in a previous setting and find out how you behaved in the past.

Here are a few examples-

Tell me about a time you had to persuade someone?

Tell me about  time you had to deal with a upset customer?

Tell me a time you lead a project and what was the result?

Tell me about a sales contest you won and how you achieved this?

All of these questions stem from a technique called Behavioral Interviewing. Employers want to know how you will react in these situations and they feel your past actions will reflect this. Getting a pharmaceutical interview in itself is a big accomplishment. Knowing what questions to expect should help tremendously in securing a pharmaceutical sales positon. On a last note if you do not have an interview all ready set, consulting with a professional medical sales recruiter is always a good idea.

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