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» Best Long Range Cordless Industrial Phones

There has been a need in the market for year for ultra long range cordless phones that work for miles and are rugged and suitable for places like oil rigs, farms and ranches. Here is a link to the Engenius Durafon, the most rugged ultra long range cordless phone on the market. The Engenius Durafon Read More… »

» what is sustainability

sustainability is A system or process is sustainable if it can be continued indefinitely, without depleting any of the material or energy resources required to keep it running.The term was first applied to the idea of sustainability yields in human endeavors such as forestry and fisheries. Trees, fish, and other biological species normally grow and Read More… »

» Photography close by

Many people believe that in order to create great photography one must travel to great locations.  While this is true to a certain point, the reality is that photography close by your home can be just as rewarding, with a lot less expense involved.   Often, those living in an urban setting will say they lack Read More… »

» Export Long Range Cordless Phone Alternatives

If you search the web for “ultra long range cordless” you will find over a dozen models of phones that hook into your landline and offer ranges up to thirty miles or more. These are not for use in the United States and could land you in a heap of trouble with the FCC. There Read More… »

» Buy Frontline Flea and Tick Control Online

Buy Frontline Flea and Tick Control Online. [/caption] Frontline is the industry leader when it comes to flea and tick control for your pets.  But you don’t have to spend a fortune buying Frontline Flea and Tick Control for your pets at a retail level or from your vet. You can buy Frontline Flea and Read More… »

» What Is The Longest Range Cordless Phone?

There are cordless phones that work up to six miles or more, believe it or not. They work on a principle known as DSS or digital spread spectrum, as some high end cordless phones do, but with added power and an outside antenna. The most powerful model of cordless phone sold in the United States Read More… »

» Tower Climbing Jobs In Communications and Wind Power

There is a growing need for tower climbers in both the communications and wind energy industry. As more and more cell phone towers and wind turbines are erected across the nation there is a need for qualified personnel to build and maintain them. Tower climbers must attend a special training course and also be skilled Read More… »

» Review Of iPhone GPS Navigator Apps TomTom and Navigon

You can now buy a GPS navigator app or application for your iPhone that claims to do almost everything that the stand alone GPS navigators do. The question is, are they worth the money. Most iPhone GPS navigator apps sell for under a hundred bucks. You can get a GPS now, a stand alone one, Read More… »

» It’s Twenty-ten, not Two-thousand and ten.

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» New Year’s Resolution Generator

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