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» Where To Buy A Handheld Baby Monitor

If you are looking to buy a good quality handheld baby monitor, you will be pleased to know that there are some great bargains to be found online. Buy a handheld baby monitor online today.

» Skin Lightening Treatment

If you are looking for skin lightening treatment that will help to balance out your skin tone, you will find that there are lots of different types of treatments that you can choose from. Click to find out more about skin lightening treatment.

» The Top Ten IFBB Pro Bikini Competitors

IFBB Pro Bikini is a new category in IFBB contests. Not all of bodybuilding fans are crazy about this new division, saying that bikini contests are better left at Spring break. Some feel that the bikini division was created just to draw more attention to the contests and bring in more money. But these ladies Read More… »

» Cristiane Cyborg Santos Defeats Marloes Coenen

Last night at Strikeforce: Miami, female mixed martial artist Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos defeated Marloes Coenen and successfully defended her Strikeforce women’s lightweight championship. Santos pretty much dominated the entire match. I said Marloes needed to take her down, and she did try, but it almost looked like at times that she was trying to take Read More… »

» Cheryl Cole Earrings- get earrings she wore at National Television Awards

Cheryl Cole has been seen out and about recently wearing some beautiful earrings. She wears tanzanite flower earrings combined with a tight black knitted dress while out for dinner in London. Cheryl Cole was also seen wearing dangly star earrings at the National Television awards combined with a plunging silver dress. Whatever the weather Cheryl Read More… »

» Depreciation

Depreciation is a term we hear about frequently, but don’t really understand. It’s an essential component of accounting however. Depreciation is an expense that’s recorded at the same time and in the same period as other accounts. Long-term operating assets that are not held for sale in the course of business are called fixed assets. Read More… »

» Inventory and expenses

Inventory is usually the largest current asset of a business that sells products. If the inventory account is greater at the end of the period than at the start of the reporting period, the amount the business actually paid in cash for that inventory is more than what the business recorded as its cost of Read More… »

» Revenue and receivables

In most businesses, what drives the balance sheet are sales and expenses. In other words, they cause the assets and liabilities in a business. One of the more complicated accounting items are the accounts receivable. As a hypothetical situation, imagine a business that offers all its customers a 30-day credit period, which is fairly common Read More… »

» They Turned on the LIghts Last Night – Vancouver 2010

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» The Squidoo iPad Giveaway

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