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Create Multiple Streams Of Income Free

Are you considering starting an Internet business? Have you come across websites claiming you can earn hundreds of dollars per day without any work involved?  If your like me I come across websites and splash pages daily claiming it is so easy to earn residual income online.  It’s only easy if you are told the truth.

I’m an experience webmaster who has tried almost every quick rich opportunity online.  I have also tried many business opportunities which have told me I needed to market and advertise daily for years before I would ever see a pay check.  I tried, I worked my butt off and it got me nowhere.  All it did was empty my pockets and my savings account.

I’m here to share with you how I finally figured out how to create multiple streams of income online and how I do it all for free. Not one of the quick rich schemes or business opportunities I joined over the years has ever taught me or ever wanted to share with me.  Over time I realized the quick rich scheme creators and business opportunity upliners did not know how to truly and honestly earn multiple streams of income online.

Here are the two ways I earn multiple streams of income online. The first and easiest way to earn revenue online is to join websites like Snipsly.  There are many websites on the web who will share revenue with you for contributing to their website.  What I mean by contributing is the more you write articles, hubs, blogs or editorials the more revenue the website owners earn.  Every time you write for a website which pays you a cut of the revenue the website owner or owners earn money too.  You are making the website owners money every time you write at their website.  Websites who pay their members a cut of the revenue have thousands of people writing for them so they are very happy to run and operate a successful website.  Writing for websites to earn revenue is stress free and offers people a free opportunity to earn steady monthly income.  I feel it’s a win win for everyone.

The second way I earn revenue online is I create free websites and I place Pay Per Click Publisher Ads all over my webpages. A few examples of Pay Per Click Publisher Networks are Adsense, Kontera, InfoLinks and Chitika just to name a few.  I build a free website about a specific topic, write good informative interesting content then place In-Text Ads and Ad Units all over my website.  I then promote the websites web address which is the URL to search engines for free.  When people see my website indexed at search engines while browsing and they choose to visit my website there is a huge chance that visitor will click on an ad.  Also, many of the Pay Per Click Publisher Networks pay per one thousands impressions.  So the more I write, link my websites, blogs, hubs and editorials together over time I automatically receive massive traffic to my website.  I want massive traffic because it earns me revenue.

I will continue to add additional free websites where you can earn revenue free online.  Enjoy the free opportunities the web has to offer.

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