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Rhiannon, the Welsh Horse Goddess

The Horse Goddess

 In this tale Rhiannon appears as the Welsh Horse Goddess. She is first seen riding by on a beautiful white horse; later in the tale she takes on the duties of a horse in offering to carry people on her back. In the myth of the Greek Horse Goddess, Epona, there is a story of how she, in the form of a horse, gives birth to a foal that keeps disappearing. That legend has it’s echo here as though it were woven into the myth. There also seems to be an echo of the opening story from that great epic from India, the Mabharata. In that story the Goddess of the river Ganges, Ganga, marries a mortal Prince only to have their child killed every year for eight years. Only with the ninth do we find out what really is going on and we learn that things are seldom what they seem. We have to dig a little deeper into the tale of Rhiannon to find out what is going on but the lessons are there for us nonetheless.


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