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Hushamok Dream, Natural Review

Hushamok Dream, Natural Review

I bought this hammock last week. We’re loving it! my baby’s sleep is longer than before, maybe it’s because of the comfort it gives. The Hushamok Dream, Natural comes with an organic hammock, aluminum frame, two sets of fitted sheets, travel bag (i think it’s organic also) and a matress. When I saw this listing on the net, I didn’t hesitate to buy this. I was right. The quality was good! The performance was excellent! Before my baby always cry when i put her to her crib or our bed. But now, when she’s in this hammock. She’s not always crying, unlike before. Thanks to this hammock, I can do some chores in my house, I don’t have to carry her all the time. She sleeps comfaortably in this one. Overall, I’m so happy with my purchase! 100% recommended! for more details, click the picture above.

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