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Philips 10.2-inch Digital Photo Frame (Metal) Review

Philips 10.2-inch Digital Photo Frame (Metal) Review

This digital photoframe is so unique and elegant. I love how it’s designed. The Philips 10.2-inch Digital Photo Frame (Metal) is with 9.4-Inch Viewable LCD Display and comes with a built-in memory of 128mb, with an ajustable stand (can be rotatong or tilt), has a built in card reader, has a lock and photo editor. The pictures were bright and sharp. The large screen is amazing. This is totally a must-have accesory for your house. When it’s turned off, it looks like an empty picture frame. The price is just right. The setup is so easy. The good thing about this digital photoframe is that I can update my pictures everyday, if I have new ones! Will i buy this again? definitely a YES! I have no regrets nor complaints in buying this product. Fabulous! Anither creadit for philips! For more detail, click the picture above.

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