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Spigot Fountain WIN224 Review

Spigot Fountain WIN224 Review

This piece arrived in four days, it’s in good condition. Thank God. I was so worried that this might break while in transit. This is great masterpiece. The Spigot Fountain WIN224 has LED lights in each It is so beautiful. the designer of this fountain is so artistic, I love the idea of the flowing water from the bowl to the thing that is used to water the plants (i forgot what it’s called) LOL! The lights are so beautiful, I put some spotlight complimenting my fountain. It’s so eleagant. I can’t help myself not to look at it. This is so fantastic. The price is not that cheap for about $349, but i tell you. You will not be sorry with this purchase. I recommend this one. This is like an investment for me. This magnificent piece is a treasure and worth it. for more details, click the picture above.

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