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How to Know What You Should Write About for Snipsly

Snipsly encourages writers to produce content that is unique and informative. When people type keywords into search engines, they are typically looking for useful information about a topic. In order to appeal to readers’ interests, you should focus on topics that are relevant and useful. Some topic examples include: a product you have used, a movie that’s about to be released, a vacation hot-spot or a “how to” article.

Regardless of what topic you choose, it is important to keep your writing clear, concise, and to the point. Avoid overly long paragraphs or phrases that may be confusing to readers. Once people finish reading your post they should feel as though they have learned something or their question has been answered.

Approach each article that you write for Snipsly as though you are writing a shortened newspaper or magazine article. You should try to provide well written information which has been accurately researched. When you are writing content, be sure to ask yourself, “Is this topic something that other people would be interested in reading about?”

What NOT to include in your Snipsly posts:

  • Profanity
  • adult oriented content of a explicit nature
  • material that is obscene, racist, hateful, of inflammatory
  • illegal content or content that promotes legal activities
  • content that is abusive toward advertisers
  • articles written in languages other than English

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