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Using Keywords to Help Your Snipsly Posts Get Noticed

The goal of effective keyword usage is to get your posts to rank high on search engine result pages. It is important to choose keywords that relate to your content.

A keyword is a specific word that is used in text and titles to reflect what your content is about.  For example, if you are writing an article about real estate in San Francisco, you may choose keywords such as “real estate in San Francisco,” “homes for sale in San Francisco,” or “San Francisco realty.”  You may consider using individual keywords (one word that acts as a keyword)  or keyword phrases (a phrase that will be looked at as a whole).

Writing your titles and content with specific keywords in mind helps with search engine optimization.  If someone searches for “San Francisco realty” and that phrase is included within the body of your content, your article is going to have a higher chance of appearing on the search engine results page.  Understanding the process of keyword tool that can help you come up with specific keywords based on the topic you are interested in writing about.

You can include keywords in your page title, page content, headings, and even in the “edit permalink” box that Snipsly provides. Oftentimes for search engine optimization it is beneficial to have the customized permalink match the title of your post.

It is important to find a balance with the number of keywords that you are incorporating into your content.  I have found that many SEO experts recommend a keyword density of 3-5%.  This means that if you are writing a 100 word article, you want to include the keyword 3 to 5 times.

Since Snipsly has a minimum of 150 words, the minimum number of keywords that you would want to use are 5 to 8.  You can find out how many keywords you should include in your content for optimum search engine optimization by multiplying the number of words in your article by .03.  This will tell you how many keywords will produce 3% keyword density.

That being said, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing!  The overuse of keywords, also known as “spamming” or “keyword stuffing”, may not only annoy your readers, but it can also trigger search engines to knock you out of their rankings.  Search engines recognize keyword stuffing as a ploy to get traffic to a post without actually writing legitimate content.

For more information about keywords, check out my post about tools for finding top keywords.

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