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Big Discount Coleman Stirling Power Cooler with Free A/C Adaptor Included Review

Coleman Stirling Power Cooler with Free A/C Adaptor Included

List Price:      $599.99
Price:     $359.95
You Save:     $240.04 (40%)

The engine in the Coleman® Stirling Power Cooler is ideal for portable cooling and freezing applications. Its low weight, 1 moving part, and high efficiency give it a clear advantage over thermoelectric (TE) coolers. Because of its high efficiency and low amp draw, it can be powered by the battery in an automobile, boat or RV and set for a much longer term of operation than other competitive thermoelectric models without depleting the battery. The Stirling cycle belongs to a class of thermodynamic cycles that yield the highest coefficient of performance (COP) between thermal and mechanical energy. The Coleman® Stirling Power Cooler is a product that makes use of the Stirling cycle and uses a linear moving magnet motor charged with helium for highly efficient cooling and freezing applications. The Stirling engine uses a small quantity of helium hermetically sealed in the compression space. A displacer moves the gas between the cold side and the warm side of the engine while the piston expands and compresses the gas. The helium is expanded on the cold side of the cylinder and expanded again on the warm side of the cylinder, producing cold air which is pumped into the cooler and warm air which is pumped out of the cooler. In the Stirling engine, all internal running surfaces are supported by gas bearings so that during operation no contact wear takes place.

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