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Pink Curtains | Pale Pink Curtains | Hot Pink Curtains

When people think of pink curtains they immediately think of  little girls room or some middle aged princess’ room that cannot grow up if she wanted to if she tried. Those stereo typical situations do exist but this lovely and light version of the most passionate color in the rainbow has many applications for window treatments. Solid versions of this color are for more specific application that are truly more feminine, but combine them with browns, yellows, blacks, and even greens make up new opportunities for exquisite color combinations in every room of your home.

Pale Pink Curtains

Creating a subtle atmosphere for your kitchen or bathroom will be easy as pie with pale pink curtains in the gingham curtains category. This light version of the traditional checkered picnic style fabric trimmed in red piping, combined with lace curtain trim will add that delicate and graceful appearance that will provide the privacy needed from curtain panels, but an inviting and comforting feeling for all that enter those rooms. Cafe curtains with this scheme of colors make a perfect selection for the kitchen-sink window or the the small window in the guest bath.

Hot Pink Curtains

Take a Chocolate background with an added print design that is filled in with the neon version of pink will be a great addition for a teenage woman’s bedroom or for a fun look in the family game room or great room. Hot Pink Curtains with most earth tones as the base color makes for a great decor theme that has not been popular since the early 1970s. In a black and hot pink curtains combo, there is a Harley Davidson shower curtain available that will look great in the daughter’s bath, or the single mom that has a fascination with all things hawg related. There are even a set of HD shower curtain hooks or rings available to further the motorcycle theme, as well as hand towels, and area rugs.

Pink Curtains


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