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Using Google Analytics to Help Get Traffic

Snipsly understands the value of using Google Analytics to help get traffic to your posts, and as such, encourages every one of its users to sign up for Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a completely free service that Google provides to help writers, bloggers, and website owners understand how to better their site and strengthen traffic.

Google Analytics shows you how visitors interact with your posts. You are able to see how many visitors you receive on certain dates, where your traffic is coming from, and even what Ads they click on your page (if you link your Analytics and AdSense accounts).

By adding Google Analytics to your Snipsly account, you’ll be able to determine which readers to target and how to target them. You can compare the behavior and profit made from visitors based on keywords, search engines, and ad clicks. Using Google Analytics on your Snipsly posts can help you generate more and more traffic to your pages, which will help you see higher AdSense earnings.

Google Analytics has a number of functions that can help you bring more visitors to your posts. There are tools that show you which keywords and phrases visitors have used to find your post. If it’s a post with a high number of visits, you may want to try using these keywords and phrases again in the future. You can also see the value of backlinking—Analytics highlights referring sites (the sites that visitors were on before they found your post). Google Analytics makes it easy—they do all the work for you. Their dashboard is easy to access and understand, providing your statistics in graphs as well as tables.

Once you sign up for Google Analytics, make sure you remember to put your analytics code into the “My Advertising” Page on your Snipsly dashboard!

14 Responses
  • Tom Tipton

    Analytics sound like a good deal. I’ll have to check them out. I hope it’s not too technical for me (but it seems everybody’s doing it so I should be okay)

  • awebuser

    Please can you make it clearer how this works do you need to set up a new website profile in analytics? If so please can you confirm the URL to add?

  • Hey awebuser! All you have to do is sign up for analytics and input your analytics id into the “My Advertising” section on Snipsly. You do not need to do anything with code. If you would like to view your Snipsly stats separately from your stats from another site you can create a new ‘account’ within your main analytics account. However, this is not required.

  • suemax

    Can I sign up to Google Analytics with only a snipsly account as my url?

  • Hello!
    When i open an account with Google Analytics, What URL i put There so i get the code for
    putting on Sniply?
    is this URL Enough ==>> http://snipsly.com/
    or it should be something else?

  • Iris

    I pasted my “UA” ID into the “my advertising” field. However, Google Analytics is indicating that tracking was not installed. There is also a whole bunch of html code that it says to paste but I don’t see where to put all of that on Snipsly. Guidance, please and thanks!

  • Have you been to the Google “analytics” page linked on the Snipsly home page. It may as well be written in Chinese!

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    This is fantastic! I really like this kind idea to a person who is the proprietor with this webpage. It can also help our business known in the search engine isn’t it?

  • Can someone give a clear cut and complete answer on how to install analytics? Pasting the code is clearly not enough

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