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Silibil ‘N Brains-Has Success to Fool Everyone with Their Story

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A two college friends from Dundee, Gavin Bain and Billy are trying to make a name in rap music. Unfortunately, even they have enough talent for spinning rhymes, they were failed to pass the local scene.

After the failure, they traveled to London in order to open a chance to become the next Eminem. Rather than success on the auditions, the expert said that they were more sounded like a rapping version of the Proclaimers.It is a pop group who is known to have thick accented style of music.

Because of disappointed with the result, Bain and Boyd decided to adopt a new identities. Bain plays role as Brains McLoud character while Boyd as Silibil. To complete their role, they also invented an elaborate back story.

They created a story that they were from a small town in California who had kicked out of school. Then, they also admitted that they were run out of money in the U.K. in this country they have built the rap group named Silibil ‘N Brains.

They duplicated an actor personas, Jim Carey their favorite Canadian comedians. Not only Jim Carey, they also based their performance from Chris Tucker. In every chance, they always rap with American accents.

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They use the same lyrics when they rap in Scottish accent. But, people like this when they turn the accent into American and think they are just as good as Eminem.

From the whole arrangement, they signed a $350,000 of a record deal with Sony U.K. However, they also dropped small clues of their identities in their lyrics among three albums.

In a certain lyrics, they use “Losers.” It is actually a substitution of mocks which is addressed to people who bought their story.

Another big lie on their life is that they claimed to be close friend of Eminem and D-12. Therefore, they didn’t know what they have to do when their manager told them that Silibil ‘N Brains would join the rappers on U.K.

During the whole tour, they couldn’t avoid to meet them. So, they decided to go for it. They were acting just like best friends. While, Eminem and D-12 just went along and didn’t recognize any wrong behavior. People look it just like a real.

As time goes by, their lies appear to public. After they appeared on MTV’s TRL, there were numerous other calls and messages talking about their Scottish origins. This made them worked hard to shut down the sites and keep their secret safely.

Even they were safe, but they still face a big stress of the lies. They even stopped talking to friends and parents. The big pressure in the final made them break up and now, they reveal all the truth.

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