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Colon Cancer Chemotherapy – Treatment Preparation

=>> Get More Information about Colon Cancer Chemotherapy <<=

Colon cancer chemotherapy is a good treatment for the suffering people of the disease. As you have been first diagnosed with colon cancer, you will need to do the treatment preparation. Speak with your doctor about the possible alternatives that may available and move forward as quickly as possible. As you know, the disease often starts as small polyps in the lining of the colon.

Get the facts about colon cancer can give you more option before taking any decision. More than 150,000 new cases of colon cancer are diagnosed each year, and 60 percent of those are diagnosed after the cancer has already started to spread to other organs of body. If you are over the age of 50 or have a family history of cancer, you should have a colonoscopy every three to five years. Keep on your mind that the earlier the cancer is detected, the less likely treatment will require chemotherapy.

To prepare your treatment, first you have to ask the amount of treatment you receive. You may wish to have adjuvant treatment or the additional one in order to keep the disease from recurring if you fall into a high-risk group, such as those over age 50, African Americans and smokers. Then, discuss the possibility of undergoing radiation and chemotherapy alongside your surgery.

=>> Get More Information about Colon Cancer Chemotherapy <<=

For your information, it’s good for you, if you decide to undergo chemotherapy as one of the treatment for people suffering from cancer. Chemo will be different for everyone based on the type of cancer that they suffered. Besides that, the dosage of radiation administered and the treatment place can also determine it.

Other preparations that you may do, such as start to eat a healthier diet food that not only give you a diet low in animal fat and high in vegetables, but also keep your energy and mood up during treatment; discuss the potential side effects with the doctor and identify how you should deal with them. For example, colon cancer surgery can result in diarrhea or constipation, doing chemotherapy can cause hair loss and poor appetite and radiation can cause fatigue and bloody stools. You have to think about this.

Actually, surgery is the most common treatment for colon cancer sufferer than colon cancer chemotherapy. In some severe cases, where there is a risk the cancer may return or has spread, chemotherapy may be used in conjunction with the surgery. Chemotherapy kills cancer cells that left behind by surgery and controls tumor growth before surgery.

=>> Get More Information about Colon Cancer Chemotherapy <<=

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