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Costa Rica Airport Car Rental – Book Your Transport Before You Go There

Get More Info On Transportation In Costa Rica Airport Car Rental

Costa Rica is absolutely beautiful. From mountains and lakes inside the forest and beautiful beaches, the country has much to offer almost anyone. Take a vacation to Costa Rica, however, force you to have some form of transport.

Getting around is pretty simple in Costa Rica these days. A rental car in Costa Rica will give you the opportunity to come and go as you wish and see the places that are not accessible by other forms of transport. It would be impossible to see everything with buses and taxis so you should consider renting a car.

Check with the rental company about kind of license’s type you need. Sometimes you can use your license from home, but usually it needs an international driving license too. International driver’s license does not require testing and you can take one for nominal dollars from an auto club like AAA. Even if you do not have to get an international driving license, still it’s a good idea to get one since the information is translated into several languages.

Most car rental companies have facilities at the airport in San José, which is more likely in the coming and going area. Some also have offices in the city that may be more convenient if you rent a car just when you arrive. The small local rental cars have offices in town, but generally offer a pickup service to make it more convenient.

Get More Info On Transportation In Costa Rica Airport Car Rental

Resort cities also have car rental agencies in the city. You can rent a car for few days only to explore the neighborhood area and get away from the confused city. Some rentals offer a way so you can bring it back to San Jose and drop off at the airport when you leave.

Car rental companies are always offer special prices and discounts especially in the off-season. Visit the websites of individual car rental to find some special price you may be eligible with. Most rental companies work together with airlines so it is best to consult with the airline you travel. Discounts are generally available for car club, discounts for seniors and businesses. Make sure the coupon code is prepared and provide it when booking.

Costa Rica Taxis are cheap, and most taxi drivers are honest, but there are exceptions. By law, they must use a meter around the city, but many of them break this rule. In this case, negotiate a reasonable fee before leaving if you want to use taxi. Many try to charge more for waiting outside the hotel which is illegal and should refuse to pay.

Get More Info On Transportation In Costa Rica Airport Car Rental

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