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Gardening Raised Beds – Things You Must Know

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Gardening raised beds have become a hot topic, nowadays. If you’re looking for any information about it, then you’ve come to the right place. Take a look at what other gardeners are doing in this field, and find out more about the design, materials, or construction of it. Actually, raising beds can be a great solution for your vegetable garden if your soil isn’t the greatest or you just don’t feel like digging.

Though, raised beds can be made out of all different kinds of materials, commonly the gardeners using wood for this. Because it contains with copper, an untreated wood that weathers well might be a better option, the obvious choice for your wood may seem like pressure-treated lumber. Douglas Fir is available in our part of the country but relatively inexpensive. Cypress or Redwood can be other material choices.

The tools that you might need are Cordless drill, 3.5″ galvanized decking screws, six 8-foot-long 2×6 boards, six 4-foot-long 2×6 boards and four 2-foot-long 4×4 boards. Actually, to make the long sides of the bed, screw three 8-foot 2×6 boards to two corner posts. And then, pre-drill the holes before screwing into the wood in order to make life a bit easier. Ask for some helps from other person to help you position the boards correctly and make sure that they’re flush. A speed square and a level will come in extremely handy if you’re not building on level ground.

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There are some reasons that raised beds seemed becoming the perfect way to garden, especially related with the concrete and poor soil. For raised beds, soil quality was a third reason. You are actually able to create soil by using compost. Some people supplemented the compost with some topsoil and chicken manure, and had a great result from their garden, easily worked growing medium. Raised beds also allowed us to set up an irrigation system that included a hose bib in each box. This can make you to be independently in watering each bed.

It won’t take a long time to see that your raised beds had several unanticipated advantages. You don’t have to worry to start this new excited activity or afraid if your children or your puppies destroy it. The thing you must do to prevent the bad condition is by create the gardening raised beds at the right place. Just ensure yourself that you can do this on your own house and ready to handle every problem that you may face regarding with this.

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