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Using Google Trends to Make Money

If you’re serious about making money on Snipsly, you have to focus on high earning topics and keywords. One way to determine topics that could bring you a lot of traffic, and therefore could bring you a lot of cash, is to use Google Trends. What is Google Trends? Keep reading to find out!

Google Trends is a great tool that shows you how often a search term is entered into Google. It allows you to see how often a topic of your choosing has appeared in Google News, and how often they have been searched over an extended period of time. This useful tool can show you which trends are on the rise (meaning you may want to consider writing about them) and which are on the decline.

If you don’t want to take the time to enter various terms in a “trial and error” fashion, you can use Google Hot Trends, which is a list of the top searches in the United States. This list contains the most used and fastest rising search terms, as well as the most popular terms in Google News. You can also break down search results in terms of geographical location and target the states that the majority of Snipsly’s users come from (think of the BIG states that are more highly populated—or tap into a smaller niche state that hasn’t brought as many visitors yet!).

Using Google Trends could help you to make money by suggesting popular searches that you could write about.  This tool is especially useful if you’re experiencing writer’s block or don’t know what to write about that will bring you a lot of traffic.  By writing about topics that are shown to be popular by Google, you are raising the likelihood that someone will be searching for your topic, see it in the search engines, and click on your article.

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