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Darryl Stingley Hit Video-The Legend Who Has Beaten Darryl Stingley Died

=>>Watch The Darryl Stingley Hit Video<<=

At the young age 61,Jack Tatum dies. Jack Tatum is the Oakland Raiders Legend who has been part of your mental furniture. People would always expect him to be with them.

In many sites, Jack Tatum is described as one figure to become an Oaklander. In 1978, Darryl Stingley was hit by Jack Tatum in preseason game. The game between Oakland Raiders and The New England Patriots was very amazing that all audiences feel the passion.

It may be the most tragic in NFL history. The heart stopping accident started when receiver of New England Patriots, Darryl Stingley unable to deal the attack from defensive back, Jack Tatum. People then called Jack Tatum as The Assassin which has the ability to attack like a master ninja.

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After the game, Darryl Stingley was paralyzed. Everything changed for Jack Tatum and the NFL football. If he played with a full abandon, after that moment, he became a lesser.

That session also became a chapter of Oakland Raiders history. The team was considered as a “criminal players”. Several partitions started to claim them as such team like Pittsburgh Steelers Head Coach Chuck Knoll.

In the time of entering the 80s, the NFL gave a resolution to the game. They liberalized the rules especially about defensive contact.

It is said that receivers are allowed to run through defenses without being chucked further than five yards. In these five yards, a defender could hit a receiver and knock the person absolutely before he arrives.

This is the moment that change paved mostly of open NFL today. But, it also ended the Jack “Assassin” era.

In social live, he was recognized as a nice person. He didn’t at all like the “Assassin” persona in outside of football.

Maybe he already died, but is spirit still alive. The modern Oakland Raiders will conduct his energy into an NFL Championship.
=>>Watch The Most Darryl Stingley Hit Video In 1978<<=


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