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I Like It Enrique Iglesias Video – Features The Cast Of ‘Jersey Shore’

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Enrique Iglesias is back with a new album, ‘Euphoria‘, which has been described as a collection of songs about setting your problems aside and having some fun. The record features guest appearances from Akon, Nicole Scherzinger, Pitbull, Puerto Rican Reggaeton duo Wisin and Yandel and Lionel Richie.

The video for his latest single ‘I Like It‘, which was produced by RedOne, and uses a sample of Lionel Richie’s ‘All Night Long’. Lionel actually re-recorded a part of his classic tune exclusively for Enrique Iglesias’ new track.

The idea of the clip, which will premiere this weekend, seems to be that the “Jersey Shore” boys and girls just happen to be passing by a club where Enrique is performing live. They try to crash the concert by displaying their by-now well-known dancing skills and fierce attitude. As Snooki explains in the clip below, the video will show just how much of a “nut job” they all are.

Get More Info To Watch The Full Length I Like It Enrique Iglesias Video For Free

“There are two music videos filmed by Enrique Iglesias to support his latest single ‘I Like It.’ One features Pitbull and was premiered last month, while the other has cameos from the ‘Jersey Shore’ cast and will be debuted this weekend at MTV Movie Awards. As the premiere date, June 6, gets closer, MTV offers behind-the-scene footage to provide fans with a glimpse at the upcoming music video. Like the previously-premiered video, this new clip will also be a crowded one. It will see Snooki, The Situation and their other co-stars attending one of Enrique’s concerts,” AceShowbiz writes.

Collaboration with Pitbull, the song would get a brand new video after being chosen for the musical score of the latest season of MTV’s “Jersey Shore,” starring none other than the cast of the reality show that continues to enjoy growing popularity despite harsh criticism from all sides.

“When everybody sees this music video, they’re pretty much gonna realize that we’re a bunch of nut jobs, just trying to crash Enrique’s concert,” permatanned Sookie explains in the clip below. Enrique too is equally enthusiastic about the unlikely collaboration with the “Jersey Shore” cast members. “This song is good – actually, not good, it’s [expletive]ing good. Let’s go out there and have some fun. It’s the kids from the Jersey Shore. What else would you ask for?” he says.

“I Like It” is included on Enrique’s upcoming album “Euphoria,” which will be his first to come out in bi-lingual editions. Below is the teaser for the second video for it, featuring MTV’s “Jersey Shore” cast. Enjoy.

Get More Info To Watch The Full Length I Like It Enrique Iglesias Video For Free

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