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Justin Bieber Molests Fan-Another Hoax News

=>>Watch The Video of Justin Bieber Molests Fan Episode<<=

Another rumor or hoax news comes to the most famous16 year old-singer. Many medias report that Justin Beiber molests fans.

This rumor began to spread out after his photo of handcuffed posted in his twitter. The photo was taken from the scene of a film in series CSI.

The fact that this rumor can absorb all attention makes him more stress. But, the truth is Justin Beiber has not molested any fan.

He also have no syphilis and still alive. He was not converted to scientology. Both of these facts are other facts which is contrast with the recently rumor.

He was playing for one episode of CSI as a guest star. Then, he had published his photo with a scene of handcuffed in his twitter profile. It was out of expectation that media will take a chance to get profit.

When he was shooting, he called himself as a bad type. While on television debut, he was looking forward many fans.

=>>Check The Video of Justin Bieber Molests Fan Rumor Proof<<=

Series CSI is his first television appearance. He plays role as a troubled teen. And the most important is that the photo was taken from one episode where he was handcuffed.

Media make it as opportunity to gain much profit. They exploded story about the photos. On the other hand, Justin starts to be accustomed with this situation.

The molestation rumor was created just a minute after he had published the photo. Definitely, there are no purposes to post his photo in handcuffs by himself. But, he doesn’t see this rumor as a big trouble any more.

After some hoax news about himself, now, he doesn’t stress like the first time when he knew such news. On the other hand, he is focusing himself in mastering his voice going through puberty.

Justin Beiber never attacked a woman. If you are a young girl who is his fans, you should know that it was a totally fake story.

=>>Check Out His Responds When Rumor Justin Bieber Molests Fan Exploded<<=

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