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OMG Usher Video Download – Usher Featuring Will.i.am

OMG Usher Video Download Usher’s album is barely 4-months-old and he’s already on to his next project.

The singer is releasing nine new songs on a new disc, “Versus”. Usher’s Versus EP, which will be released on August 24, features nine tracks and collaborations with a variety of other artists, including Pitbull, Bun B., Jay-Z, Ciara and Justin Bieber. The songs will also be released on a special deluxe version of “Raymond V. Raymond,” which was released in March. That album includes hits like the No. 1 song “OMG.”

The song, which features rapper will.i.am, uses the auto-tune effect in several lines, as well as Jock Jams-esque sports arena chanting. The track was produced by will.i.am and written by Usher and will.i.am. It is the first international single off his sixth studio album, Raymond v. Raymond, and the third single overall. The song was met with mixed reception from critics, criticizing the use of auto-tune, however commending the song’s dance and club vibe.

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Usher’s last album, Raymond Vs. Raymond, reached number one on the Billboard 200 and features the number one hit “OMG.” It has been certified platinum by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America).

Usher and will.i.am shot the video the weekend of March 6, 2010, and the video was directed by Anthony Mandler. In an interview with Rap-Up, Mandler said about the concept of the video: “…The video is a spectacle. It really emphasizes what we love about Usher and the character and the icon that he is, and most importantly, it’s really a video that showcases his superstardom”. The video was released on March 30, 2010, on VEVO and AMTV. In a review of the video, Brad Wete of Entertainment Weekly said, “For a song with such a title, it sure does take a minute for its video to build up to wow-worthy moments. After some clean dance sequences, the magic begins. Usher grooves with shadows, puffs out O’s with cigar smoke, and then links back up with his ladies on a primary colored dance floor to show off his steps.” Chris Ryan of MTV News compared the video’s flashing lights to the music video for “Yeah!”, and called the song an answer track to Trey Songz’s “LOL”.

>>Check out “OMG” Usher video download here<<

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