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Jhonny Peralta Stats-I Would Like To Force the Game for Tigers

=>>Watch Jhonny Peralta Stats about His New Place<<=

Today, most people probably have been waiting for Jhony Peralta for winning the game. But, this thought would never come because he was just traded to Detroit Tigers.

This decision absolutely made all Tribe fans to be happy. Jhony Peralta is no longer a Cleveland Indian and he would make the dream of all Tribe fan become true.

Peralta has signed contract with Indians until 2010. For this contract the team was going to pick up the seven million dollar club option to continue the contract in 2011.

This summer, there was only a little trade market rather than previous session. But, the trade market changed as Brandon Inge of the Tigers was hit by a pitch. Not only a hitting, but he also fractured his left hand on June 19th.

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On the other hand, other players like Magglio Ordonez, Inge and Carlos Guillen contribute to make Detroit in a desperate situation. The reason is they all are on the DL.

The injuries made the Tigers to agree to trade Peralta. So, they can send the Left-handed starter Giovanni Soto to the Tribe.

There are significant different between Peralta and Giovanni Soto. If Peralta has already 28 years old, Soto just reach number 19. Peralta only achieve 7 homers and 43 RBIs in this season.

Soto is listed at 6’3 and is 6-6 with a 2.61 ERA in 82 2/3 innings when he met Single-A West Michigan Whitecaps this year. Further, he will report to Class A Lake County for Indian’s organization.

Peralta is a nice person and also has been in any off-field trouble. Besides, he has been on the team a long time. But, it is also true that Jhony Peralta so disliked by Cleveland fans.

He gives poor performance on the field. In 2005, he had his first season as a full time player. Actually, he had a breakout year. But, he then has a greatly underachieved and unable to produce for team.

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