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Brain Eating Vaccine – Things to Be Aware

=>> Watch the Video Here to Know More about Brain Eating Vaccine! <<=

Brain eating vaccine that has just been got its theory by Alex Jones should be paid attention since now. Moving along, Alex Jones is back on top of the Google Mountain tonight. It becomes a hot topic, actually. As you know, Alex Jones is trying to get the word out about his theory on these brain eating vaccines, which come in the shape of a pill or shot which is designed to calm us down. These drugs, Alex Jones states will lull us into a state of compliance rendering us lobotomized into a state of submissive compliance.

Jones finds it unethical that doctors try to treat people who are simply, passionate, angry or sad which are natural emotions that should be displayed according to the filmmaker with dangerous chemicals. The conspiracy theorist strongly believes that (and many will agree and disagree with his statement) the scientists behind these pharmaceutical wonders are constantly adding dangerous substances in our water and food supply, and they are assaulting our minds and our bodies.

=>> Watch the Video Here to Know More about Brain Eating Vaccine! <<=

The vaccine, whether accurately described as brain eating vaccines or not, is merely the latest instance of the ethical dilemmas that increasingly appear as medicine and technology race ahead of people’s ability to process and understand the unintended consequences. While it is highly likely that many if not all the researchers were working with good and noble intentions in developing a stress reducing vaccine, there is of course the question of what happens if a drug eliminates, or at least reduces stress and fear; both vital parts of the human condition. The big vaccine push only quiets down when vaccine supplies to dwindle. However, as long as vaccines remain in inventory, the big vaccine push will stay aggressive, and during this annual charade, there won’t be a word mentioned about vitamin D and how it is far more effective than any vaccine at protecting people from seasonal flu.

Lab tests never confirmed the cause of brain eating vaccine, but all symptoms pointed to N. meningitidis, bacterial meningitis. Symptoms are fever, headache and stiff neck (meningitis), and sepsis and rash (meningococcemia); either is referred to as meningococcal disease. Prevention is based on two principles: healthy lifestyle and vaccination. Hand washing protects you and those around you from meningococcal disease and many other diseases. Always wash hands before eating, after using the toilet or changing a diaper, and after contact with someone’s saliva, respiratory/nasal secretions or used tissues.

=>> Watch the Video Here to Know More about Brain Eating Vaccine! <<=

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