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Fantasy Football Rankings 2010 ESPN

=>> Watch the Video of Fantasy Football Rankings 2010 ESPN Here! <<=

Fantasy Football Rankings 2010 ESPN takes a real fantasy expert to be able to figure out when it’s too high to draft Wes Welker coming off an injury or when to spring and grab Dez Bryant.  For those that don’t understand composite rankings, what we did was take the rankings from CBS Sportsline.com, ESPN.com, Foxsports.com, Yahoo.com, NFL.com along with chinstrapninjas.com, jzak’s ranks with player capsules, and sockonfl’s ranks with player capsules.

Consider these rankings as your guide. Here’s how it works: The running back rankings below – and in subsequent posts to follow – are determined by the average rank among the dozen sites recorded. The idea follows closely the Wisdom of Crowds model: By balancing insights of a large sample size of analysis, the overall rankings will represent a more consistently accurate assessment of player value. Sacks, fumble recoveries, interceptions, and defensive scores can make all the difference in the world in a closely-contested fantasy matchup. These five defenses are safe bets entering the 2010 fantasy season.

=>> Watch the Video of Fantasy Football Rankings 2010 ESPN Here! <<=

Every fantasy football team is susceptible to an off week. Even the most consistent fantasy performers – those players that make up the foundation of your attempt at fantasy glory – have an occasional dud of a game. In those weeks in which your studly roster is not meeting lofty expectations, a good performance from your defensive unit can be a saving grace. The best way to use these rankings is through the tiers which illustrate the relative distance in value between ranks amongst a group of players. The drop-off in value from one player to the next-ranked player is not always proportional. The average rank of each player helps to highlight the disparity of such value.

Nate Kaeding, SD – Good thing they don’t play fantasy football during the NFL playoffs. If that were the case, there’s no way Kaeding would make the list. In the regular season however, Kaeding is money. In 2009 he was top 5 in the league in FG made, FG percentage, and extra points made. Plus, he led the whole NFL in points scored. He’s been consistent as well, finishing among the top 10 fantasy kickers over the past four seasons. It came up with the following running back composite rankings by combining all those lists, basically forming a super-list of the top players. The best fantasy defenses do more than just stop opponents from scoring. They dictate play and make things happen on their own, whether it is via an aggressive scheme or superior talent.

=>> Watch the Video of Fantasy Football Rankings 2010 ESPN Here! <<=

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