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Backlinking With Relevancy Matters

Backlinking With Relevancy…

It took me a long time to truly understand why backlinking with relevancy makes a huge impact when wanting a high ranking to search engines.

Writing online can bring in good steady income and people who already do it to supplement their income know it.  People continue to write because they understand the more they write the more of an opportunity they have to increase their revenue earnings.

It takes time to truly understand how to benefit from writing.  Article writers had to go through the motions in order to understand backlinking their articles, blogs and websites to each other helps their URLs receive a higher rank to search engines but there is one very important ingredient to the backlinking method.

Backlinking all of your articles, blogs and websites to each other is suggested but only if the backlinks share the same topic.  Let me explain.

I created a blog titled “Stuff To Do In NY State”.  Excellent topic that I can add content, videos and photos to.  I then created several blogs about stuff to do in NY state.  I created a blog about Fire Island and I took the URL and created a link to it from the blog titled “Stuff To Do In NY State”.  I then created a blog about upstate NY.  I visit upstate NY about a dozen of times per year.  I took the upstate NY blogs URL and placed a link to it from the blog titled “Stuff To Do In NY State”.   I live in NY state and I live near the water.  I live five minutes from a place called the Nautical Mile.  It’s a mile long strip of fishing docks, charter boats and fish restaurants.  I created a blog about the Nautical Mile.  I then took the Nautical Mile URL and placed a link to it from the blog title “Stuff To Do In NY State”.

Relevancy is the key word I’m speaking about here.  Over time I will continue to create blogs about stuff to do in NY state.  I will connect all of my articles, blogs and websites I create about stuff to do in NY state.  Over time the search engines will notice your backlinks are related to the same topic.  Over time your URLs which all have relevant information will receive a higher ranking within the search engines.  Relevancy does make a difference.

I started writing online to earn revenue in January 2009.  It’s now August 2010 and I finally understand that writing content that have relevancy to each other is key to get your URLs indexed with a high ranking to the search engines.

I have written hundreds of articles which share the same topic.  I have taken the time to link them all to each other and I now I see my URLs on page one, two and three when doing a search.  My URLs are indexed at Google, Yahoo and Bing.  Using the relevancy concept works.

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