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Hempfest Seattle to Promote Human Rights

=>> Watch the Video of Hempfest Seattle Event Here! <<=

Hempfest Seattle which is attended by about 40,000 people is expected to visit Myrtle Edwards Park this Saturday and Sunday. The annual event runs from 10 a.m. – 8 p.m. each day and that means lots of congestion along 15th Ave West. The event has lately campaigned for the medical-marijuana movement.

The world’s biggest marijuana reform event returns to Myrtle Edwards Park in Seattle this weekend. Hundreds of thousands of supporters are expected to flock to the two-day Hempfest. Now 20 years old, Seattle Hempfest boasts a terrific lineup of speakers and bands on five stages, and a cornucopia of stoner-themed products and food at the many vending booths. This year’s event is dedicated to Jack Herer, who passed away in April.

Hempfest has free admission but accepts donations to offset costs. McPeak estimates donations averaged out to about 15 or 20 cents for every attendee last year — not nearly enough to pay for insurance, signage, permits and other costs. Hempfest has been a controversial Seattle fixture since it debuted at Volunteer Park in 1991. About 500 people attended that first gathering, billed as the Washington Hemp Expo.

=>> Watch the Video of Hempfest Seattle Event Here! <<=

Hempfest 2010 runs Saturday and Sunday at Myrtle Edwards Park, featuring hundreds of bands, speakers and vendors. The tents were already going up earlier this week — but if organizers had their way, they’d have gone up sooner.

Hempfest was created to promote human rights, equality and freedom. It continues to be first and foremost a political rally and protest. Cannabis naysayers and enthusiasts alike can glean important info about the drug from panels such as “Hemp: a responsible environmental solution” or “Victims of the Drug War,” found at the Hemposium Music Stage. For those more interested in bouncing some dreads to a tune or two, head over to the DanceSafe Electronic Music Stage for jams from such bands as Future Nurses, Splatinum and Nordic Soul. And don’t worry. Munchies can be satisfied by any number of vendors and stalls.

Hempfest organizers had asked to extend the festival to include Friday this year but the city of Seattle denied the request. Now Hempfest may be on its last legs. According to the Seattle PI, organizers are making a do-or-die push to keep the 19-year-old event alive. They say money is running out, and unless something changes, this could be the last year. The event of Hempfest Seattle is free to visitors and is funded by donations. Hempfest lost $50,000 in 2009.

=>> Watch the Video of Hempfest Seattle Event Here! <<=

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