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IBM 000-378 Exam Practice Questions

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Exam        :  IBM 000-378

Title    :  IBM WebSphere DataPower SOA Appliances, Firmware V3.7.3

1. A customer is receiving binary packed EDI using S/MIME over HTTP and S/MIME over FTP. They currently use WebSphere Partner Gateway and WebSphere Transformation Extender to send functional acknowledgements, convert the message, and send a correlated response. They are interested in improving performance and scaling this architecture to remove some of the processing overhead.

How could DataPower SOA Appliances provide a benefit to the customer in this scenario?

A. Add XS40 appliances in the DMZ to provide WS-Security decryption of the secure payload

B. Add XI50 appliances to convert the EDI to XML and send functional acknowledgements

C. Add XI50 appliances to parse the attachments on the request messages and deposit the result on a WebSphere MQ queue

D. Add XB60 appliances to move the security functionality to the DMZ and send MDN acknowledgements

E. Add XM70 appliances to send unicast UDP responses to the clients

Answer: D

2. Which method finds a host’s hardware address when only its IP address is known?

A. DNS (Domain Name Service)

B. ARP (Address Resolution Protocol)

C. HSRP (Hot Standby Routing Protocol)

D. DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol)

Answer: B

3. Which is NOT a feature of Configuration Checkpoint Management?

A. The administrator can limit the number of Checkpoint configurations maintained.

B. Configuration objects can be imported from Checkpoint configurations.

C. Checkpoint configurations can be deleted from file system.

D. Checkpoint configurations may be compared against the running configuration.

E. Checkpoint configurations may be compared against the persisted configuration.

Answer: B

4. Regarding asymmetric keys and certificates, a certificate contains a subject’s:

A. private key and the encrypted data.

B. private key and the identification of the issuer of the certificate.

C. public key and private key.

D. public key and the encrypted data.

E. public key and the identification of the issuer of the certificate.

Answer: E

5. A company requires syncpoint on each message extracted from a Request Queue. The Message is processed via HTTP by a backend system. If the DataPower device does not successfully process the message, it should not be removed from the Request Queue. They have created a Multi-Protocol Gateway Service which uses an MQ Front Side Handler and an MQ Queue Manager to facilitate this.

How can they implement syncpoint?

A. Set the Queue Manager objects Units Of Work property to 1

B. Set the Queue Manager objects Total Connection Limit property to 1

C. The DataPower device utilizes an MQ Client, syncpoint cannot be implemented

D. The DataPower device utilizes an MQ Client, syncpoint is implemented by default

E. Create two Queue Manager objects, assign the Request Queue to one Queue Manager and the Reply Queue to the other then add them both to a single MQ Queue Manager Group

Answer: A

6. Which statement is true about the TCP protocol?

A. TCP is unreliable since it does not support checksum.

B. TCP has no capability to sequence transmitted packets.

C. TCP sends back an ACK packet if the transfer was successful.

D. TCP is usually faster than UDP and is required for any multicasting transmission.

Answer: C

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