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Search the Web = Earn FREE prizes, giftcards, and Paypal CASH

Join Swag Bucks for FREE and start earning FREE prizes, like ipods, giftcards, and Paypal CASH.  The easiest way to earn digital “Swag Bucks” is by simply searching the web from either their homepage or from their toolbar.  You can win between 6-50 Swag Bucks for a search.  I usually win 3-4 times per day.  You can also win by completely daily polls, surveys, and special offers.  [ I stick with only the searches...and have already cashed out $10 in the first few weeks after joining].

It’s FREE to join, and easy to win.  Join today thru this link.

The Swag Bucks search results is powered by Google, so you get the same non-paid results. (The paid advertisement search results are different than Google’s)

It’s FREE to join, and easy to win.  Join today thru this link.

2 Responses
  • I usually cash out my SwagBucks every time I get to $10 in Paypal, but there are a lot of other great prizes too.

  • syazeq

    Did you have any other tips to earn with swagbuck??

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