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Vision Shopsters: Offshore Financial Services in Switzerland


With money leaving offshore centers in the billions, understanding the nature of offshore clients and what strategies to employ to attract and retain them has become absolutely critical, not just for offshore bankers but also for their onshore competitors.


*This report draws on the findings of the Offshore Banks Survey 2010.
*This survey was conducted in February/March 2010 among banks in Jersey, Guernsey, the Isle of Man, Switzerland, Hong Kong and Singapore.


Out of all offshore clients, by assets under management, 35% are from Western Europe, and after all the outflows, North American clients account for just 5%.

A major shift in the average portfolio of offshore clients is expected over the next two years, with the proportion of assets in cash and near-cash falling from 22% to 16%, and equities rising from 23% to 29%.

When selecting their offshore bank, clients look for excellent customer service, as well as confidentiality and financial stability in their bank.

Reasons to Purchase

*Understand the nature of offshore clients in Switzerland
*Gain insight into the future needs of offshore clients
*Access strategies for success in the marketplace.

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