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Rules For Dating Older Women

Every guy has their own “type” of woman that they are attracted to and for some guys, it’s the older women that does the trick for them. If you are a younger guy who wants to learn how to attract and date older women, then you may be wondering what the differences are that you need to know and if there are any “rules” that can kind of help push you along in the right direction. Well, there are some rules that you need to know if you want to be able to satisfy that urge to attract and date older women.

Dating older women does have it’s perks, that’s for sure. Usually, you won’t have to deal with as many of the games that younger women like to play. And chances are, she’s a lot more likely to have her life situated well, with a decent job, her own place, and her own money. So, you don’t have to see yourself as much a provider as just a guy she wants to spend her time with.

Here are some rules for dating older women that can help you out if that’s your thing:

1. Projecting a sense of maturity is a must, though most older women still want to see a playful side.

If you want to attract and date an older woman, then you really do need to be able to project a sense of maturity that is beyond your years. Acting foolish and immature will more than likely make her have second thoughts about dating you, and you don’t want to run the risk of that happening, do you? Not only that, you also want to be able to establish that you can handle dating her, and showing a mature side of yourself will make that seem apparent to her. Still, you also want to be able to show her a playful side, as that is attractive to women of any age.

2. Don’t bring up the age thing with her too often.

It’s okay to bring up a little bit, as it will be obvious to her, but you don’t want to keep on reminding her that there is any age difference or that she is an older woman. You certainly do not want to get caught referring to her as being an older woman, as that will kill any attraction that she might be feeling towards you. The less of an issue you make the age thing, the less she will do it as well. And don’t worry too much about what other people may think, it’s between you and her.

3. Let her see that you can bring out her youthful side and she will want YOU.

Being able to bring out the youthful side in an older woman makes her feel good about herself and when you can make a woman feel good about herself when she is with you, then she is going to want to be with you more and more. Every woman has that youthful side to herself that she wants to be able to express and experience and being that guy that can draw it out of her is what will make you seem VERY attractive to her.

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