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Full Time RVing With Kids – Overcoming The Obstacle

In our fulltime, frugal rv lifestyle, we haven’t experienced full time rving with kids. We have raised three children and often have thought about how we could have incorporated what we’ve learned into helping others think of new, creative ways to approach this topic.

On our cheap rving blog, we have often stated “you can’t have it all.” This is important to bear in mind. We believe anyone, when they approach their dream of getting out of the rat race and living this simple life in a realistic manner, can think of new ideas and reach their goals. But not if they will only settle for perfection – plenty of money, traveling around the country, fun and excitement at every turn. That isn’t what this lifestyle is about…we made sacrifices so that our most important goal, freedom, could be met.

So how does this pertain to fulltime rving with children? Your only option isn’t homeschooling, if that doesn’t appeal to you. It is, obviously, a wonderful choice if it has been your dream to teach your children at home. Having happy parents who are available to them, traveling and learning on the road…these are good things!

But if you’ve been thinking you cannot begin rving because your children need to be in school, that is where you need to start thinking a little differently. Yes…you can have both. The compromise is that your family needs to choose a place they would like to reside during the school year. Summers can be more flexible and can involve more touring around. Think of the fun your family can have while picking a school year location on a map.

It is ok to not have it all. Simple living involves changing that mindset where you convince yourself if you can’t have everything, then you hope one day you will have something. That isn’t living – it is dreaming. So find that compromise between living the dream and meeting your children’s needs. Again, having you around and in such a more relaxed, happy state is the best gift you can give to your kids.

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