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Increase of healthcare aids from BRICS reported shox discount

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China, along with other BRICS countries, has significantly increased health aid programs to less-developed nations since 2005, according to a report by Global Health Strategies Initiatives on the eve of the summit in New Delhi.

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GHSI is an international nonprofit organization working to improve health in developing countries.

The report, based on an analysis of the BRICS’ global health and development efforts, indicates that although G7 donors — United States, Japan, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Italy and Canada — still provide far more assistance, the average annual growth rate of BRICS’ foreign aid spending was much higher between 2005 and 2010.

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China has been a leader on malaria treatment in Africa, India is currently the largest producer of low-cost drugs and vaccines, and South Africa is pioneering new molecular diagnostics for tuberculosis, the report stated.

Increase of healthcare aids from BRICS reported

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A Chinese ophthalmologist examines a patient in Thatta, Pakistan, in 2010, when the region suffered devastating floods. [Photo\Xinhua]

Generally, public and private sector innovators in the BRICS countries were producing high-quality, low-cost health technologies that have greatly helped poor populations access health facilities.

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