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West’s monetary policy hurting emerging economies ugg boots clearance

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NEW DELHI – The BRICS countries Thursday expressed concerns over the monetary policy pursued by the Western countries, saying it has been hurting the emerging economies of the world.

According to a draft declaration by the BRICS, aggressive monetary easing by western central banks to revive growth in their economies is hurting emerging nations which are facing a rush of destabilizing capital inflows.

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“Excessive liquidity because of the central bank actions has been spilling over into emerging economies, fostering excessive volatility in capital flows and commodity prices,” according to the document.

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It also says that the BRICS group wants steps to avoid escalation of the Iran oil crisis and favored a diplomatic resolution to the problem.

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Leaders of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, the BRICS nations, are attending a one-day summit in the Indian capital.

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