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President Obama Shopping for San Diego Vacation Home

President Obama In Search Of Vacation Home

As the Republican Party comes closer to reaching a decision about their presidential nominee, President Obama has been touring the West Coast for a new home. It’s possible that he will no longer be living in the White House, and he wants to ensure that his family has a great new home.

Obama has been spotted in San Diego checking out real estate. With magnificent beaches and Sea World as a place to enjoy family time, it’s no surprise that he’s considering making this his new home. Many gated communities are available, and he’s looking for a sizable home that offers plenty of square footage for his family to enjoy.

Many of the homes in San Diego haven’t been able to meet his specific requirements. He’s been meeting with several companies responsible for remodeling. San Diego is the place that he’d like to spend his vacations, though he also wants to ensure that there is enough room in the kitchen for entertaining guests. The President also needs plenty of room in the backyard for barbecues and for the girls to go swimming.

Remodeling San Diego homes won’t be difficult to achieve. Once the home is purchased, he can have a team update the kitchen, bathrooms, and any other areas that he isn’t happy with. This will allow him to make a purchase more quickly, as opposed to waiting for the home of his dreams to become available.

The President will be on Secret Service details for a number of years after office; therefore, he needs to choose even a vacation home wisely. While some of his first choices along the West Coast included Santa Barbara and San Francisco, he has chosen San Diego because it offers a choice of high-end gated communities. This will ensure additional security, along with his a myriad of Secret Service officers.

Real estate agents have been sending plans of several homes to the White House for Obama’s review. While Michelle was hoping for a vacation home in Martha’s Vineyard, the girls are excited to vacation in California. Considering the fact that their Dad may not be in office this time next year, they may get to see more of the vacation home they had ever thought was possible.

If the Obama family does end up purchasing a home in San Diego, they may end up doing more remodeling. San Diego’s real estate market is constantly evolving, and if he doesn’t remain in office, it could be his main residence as well. San Diego residents are also excited about the Obama family visiting their city.

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