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The 2012 Guide to Selecting a Merchant Service Provider

Obtaining the best merchant account from the right credit card processing company is a challenge, but if businesses follow certain guidelines, they will have a better chance of being successful in this endeavor. Merchant services give companies the ability to accept credit card payments in their stores, on their websites and when they are out in the field away from their brick and mortar establishments. Lots of credit card processing companies exist, but every business is not suited for the merchant services of every one of these companies.

Processor or ISO

Before signing up for a merchant account, business owners will first need to learn a few things about the credit card processing company. Obviously, what businesses will have to pay for merchant services is going to be of great importance to them, but they will also need to remember to learn other things about the company. One thing is whether or not the company is a Processor or an ISO.

The Processor is the actual credit card processing company that offers merchant services. The ISO is someone who is reselling these very same credit card processing services. Although people often believe that dealing directly with the company is preferable, it actually may be beneficial for some businesses to work with a middleman such as an ISO.

Types of Companies to Avoid

Business owners also have companies that they will need to avoid. One of those is a bank. Banks are very good for some things, but they are very behind the times when it comes to offering merchant services. They cannot provide the wireless solution or the e-commerce capabilities that business owners will need to accept credit cards away from their offices or from their websites.

Another company to avoid will be one that has several complaints against it because these are companies that are not satisfying a majority of their clients’ needs adequately. Business owners can discover which companies fall under this category by consulting the Better Business Bureau, an entity that records the complaints customers have against the people with whom they do business.

How Easy Is It to Contact a Representative?

As it is common for people to have technical difficulties and issues, business owners will need to have a reliable technical support staff they can call on when these problems arise. Business owners will need to find out how they will be able to contact someone in support when they need to. One thing they will want to know is if they can contact technical support by telephone with a toll-free number or by email. Luckily for our clients, Switch Commerce offers customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Why Take Credit Cards?

Business owners may begin to believe that finding the most appropriate merchant account is difficult work, but those who do not do this work will leave a lot of money on the table. In fact, the money will actually go to their competitors who have taken the time to purchase merchant accounts. Also, if they choose the wrong services, they may have to spend more time on the phone with their processing companies than they would like, so it is necessary that they carefully choose their processors.

The Value of Switch Commerce Merchant Services

Business owners may not need to go to the trouble of comparing the features of credit card processing companies because the perfect company just may be Switch Commerce. This company gives business owners the choice of mobile payment processing and all types of other credit card processing services, and it can accommodate businesses of all sizes. For example, one business may need different types of services in its different departments. Business owners in this situation can have one type of processing in one area and another type of processing in another area when they purchase merchant services from Switch Commerce.

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