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Apple’s Stock Remains Cheap and Growth Remains Strong

Apple’s Stock Remains Cheap and Growth Remains Strong

Apple has return a protracted more than the years and it appears like their merchandise keep higher recuperating convalescing recouping recovering improving} and better with every new update or version of its merchandise. whenever Apple comes out with one thing new, it perpetually appears to be a hot topic. I’m one that’s perpetually there to search out  what’s next.

So, if their merchandise square measure therefore smart why is their stock value falling like crazy?

The Apple stock has fallen lots simply within the past few weeks as a result of earnings dropping off. they need hoped to sell additional iPhone’s, however it appears like there is also some competition out there currently for Apple.

Apple’s projected earnings square measure down and that i suppose it’s as a result of alternative compositors making an attempt to “copy cat” Apple particularly once it return to the iPhone. Personally, i feel the stock value got a trifle bit too high to start with.

As of this month Gregorian calendar month 2013 the Apple stock is commercialism at $458 a share, that is down from virtually $200 a share from simply six months ago! Some analyst suppose that it’ll return up and reach a high of over $1,000 a share within the future!

What does one suppose is going to happen the week of February fourth, 2013 with the Apple Stock?

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