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Gwenyth Paltrow Dishes on Her Health Revolution

According to a slide show on Self, Gwenyth Paltrow changed her lifestyle a bit after a panic attack and a discussion with her doctor. Before her health revolution, Paltrow describes her unhealthy lifestyle habits, such as taking a beta blocker with a Guinness before a show and taking sleeping pills or consuming wine to sleep on planes. Paltrow gives the credit for her fresh and healthy outlook to learning to deal effectively with emotions and eating well, but in a balanced manner that occasionally still includes brownies and martinis.

Paltrow’s Dietary Changes

According to a quote from Paltrow in the slide show, her doctor told her to make some dietary changes, including giving up dairy, sugar, gluten, and anything processed. This reportedly left Paltrow feeling demoralized and eating brown rice and wondering what was left for her to eat. The actress describes the way she feels when eating as prescribed as a lighter feeling and mentions that her emotions are smoother, too. She doesn’t eat this way on a continuous basis, though. Paltrow follows the clean eating program for three weeks at a time, about three times per year.

Join Paltrow’s Health Revolution

You can pick get with Paltrow’s program by picking up her new cookbook, . The cookbook features recipes the actress created based on her physician’s recommendation to change her diet. She wanted to be able to enjoy pleasing foods while still following her clean eating regimen, and now she’s sharing the information that makes it possible for everyone. To follow Gwenyth Paltrow’s lead, you also need to deal effectively with your emotions. The clean eating regimen should help, but you also need to address issues that create stress as they come up.

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