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The Best Way to Get Those Spit Shine Army Boots for Men

It is said that the true character of a person can be judged by the shine of his shoes. Most people focus only on the smartness of their clothes, giving their footwear just some cursory care. But a person who makes sure that his shoes shine gives the impression of a being meticulous and adds to the overall impact. In the military it takes on even more significance as you undergo regular dress inspections.

If you are one of those who polish their shoes regularly, but are not able to get the desired shine, then the simple method being described below can help you to get that perfect spit-shine that you have been hoping for. Army boots for men look especially smart if they are maintained well.

Tips for a perfect shine

You don’t need many supplies for this. At the most you will need a shoe polish that is nearest to the color of your shoes, a shoe brush with soft bristles, a rag or polish dauber with which you will apply the polish, a reasonably clean rag and of course some water. Make sure you have lots of time on hand the first time you get down to it.

Having collected all your supplies get ready for some hard work. Begin by removing the shoe laces and clean them separately. Next, using your shoe brush, rub off any dirt that may be on the shoe. One can also use a little water to scrape off any dirt that is stuck on the shoe. Now use the polish dauber to apply the polish on the shoe. Spread the polish carefully on the shoe, so that no part is left bare. Often people ignore the tongue of the shoe and this stands out like an eyesore, so don’t forget to put some polish there too. It goes without saying that you will not put any polish on the sole of the shoes.

Now, the real work begins as you buff the shoe with the shoe brush till a shine begins to emerge. But this is what you always do when you polish your shoes. Put in some extra effort and use the rag to buff the shoes again. Now apply some water on the surface of the shoe and a little polish again. This mixture of polish and water should be rubbed vigorously for the shoes to get that special shine that you are aiming for.

The road to success lies in patience. Don’t be surprised if you end up using an hour to get that perfect see your face shine. But don’t be disheartened, you will spend this much time only the first time. Later on you will need to devote only about 10 minutes daily. There is no shortcut to achieve a spit shine on military boots for men. Do not make the mistake of using any other kind of brush to buff the shoes as you may end up with some very unsightly looking shoes. So whether you are a civilian or in the military, you can proudly show off the shine of your shoes.

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