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Anne Boleyn

The exact date of Anne Boleyne’s birth is still unknown. Various sources indicate different years – from 1501 to 1507. Anna’s father was a nobleman in the court of Henry VIII – Thomas Boleyn. Future queen had two sisters and a brother. Boleyn family enjoyed a dubious reputation. But, with the active patronage of her son and brother, the mother and her youngest daughter in a short time enjoyed the favor of the king. Anna was educated in accordance with their status and capacity of the education system in England XVI. Already at the age of 14 she went to France in the retinue of Princess Mary Tudor, the bride of King Louis XII. After the departure of Princess Anne was accepted as a maid of honor to the wife of King Francis I, Claudius, after his death – a sister of the Duchess Queen Alansonskoi. At the courtyard of France Anna has learned of flirtation and of elegance, therefore enjoyed success.

Anna and the King
Anna first met King Henry VIII in 1522. At that time king was married to Catherine of Aragon. She was 5 years of older than her husband. Their marriage began to fall apart after the two of unsuccessful attempts to give birth to the heir to of the throne. After 20 years of being married to Catherine King Henry appears to like Anne Boleyn – young, elegant, intelligent girl. For two years there was a romance between them. At that time the king was preparing the documents for divorce with his legal wife.

The new queen of England
In June 21, 1529 the first hearing against Catherine of Aragon was held. In May, the bishop declares marriage to Catherine null, and a few days later, Anne Boleyn was declared lawful wife of the new king.
Anna went down to history as the first defender and founder of the Church of England. She took an active part in political life, often argued with Henry, forgetting to be careful. But over the time, Anna began to lose her status. Anna’s enemies noticed that her sympathy to the King melts every day and fabricated accusations of an assassination attempt against the king. The Kingalready had a new romance. Anne Boleyn the Queen of England, was publicly beheaded by the sword on May 19, 1536, and her daughter Elizabeth was acknowledged illegitimate.

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