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A New President of Paraguay

As one can remember, in summer 2012 there was an impeachment of the President Fernando Lugo. The procedure was launched by Congress after in June 15th 17 people died in the province of Canindeyú in clashes between police and squatters peasants, including six law enforcement officers. Fernando Lugo, trying to overcome the political crisis, dismissed the interior minister and the chief of police of the country, but this measure did not help him to keep the presidency. In addition, the entire Paraguay and its economy were cut off by international trade and political integrations. On April 2013 a new president was finally elected. Thereupon the post is currently taken by Horacio Cartes.

It is interesting to know that there are several assumptions about his illegal activity, at least, before taking the very chair of the political leader. Notwistanding being a member of Colorado conservative party, Horacio Cartes is a novice in Paraguayan political circles. However, the experience in inner policy might be based on his achievement in business.

In fact, Horacio Cartes is an owner of the leading football club in the country and happened to be a real tobacco magnate at the same time. These could not but make him the richest men in Paraguay. In practice, he is incriminated with illegal tobacco trade abroad (in particular, to neighboring Brazil and Argentina) and laundering of money. Local mass media recall a vivid episode in President’s past that features a brief stay in jail for fraud currency. Later, the charges against him were dropped. According to journalists’ investigations, for white washing Horacio Cartes used own bank Amambay, one of a few banks in Asuncion. As one of the most striking episodes WikiLeaks emphasizes the case in 2000, when the estate owned by Cartes “La Esperanza” accepted a small plane; on its board the established later investigation discovered more than 340 pounds of marijuana and 20 kilograms of cocaine.

As for the football, Horacio Cartes became the president of the Football Club Libertad in 2001 and helped one of the oldest and most titled team in Paraguay to reach an entirely new level.

All in all, Horacio Cartes as a new President of Paraguay a lot of issues that require aggressive and immediate solution. Among them one should be aware of widely distributed poverty, small level of literacy, corruption and massive drug usage. The presidential term will start on August 15th 2013.

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