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Self-defence dance Capoeira Brazil

Capoeira is a kind of a martial art that combines self-defense moves with music and acrobatics, which have been used in Brazil for more than 400 years now. Capoeira began to develop intensively in Brazil just after the abolition of slavery in 1888. Undoubtedly, it is worth mentioning that the slaves who gained their freedom, because of lack of education could not find a job, roamed the streets.it is interesting that instead of robbing and killing their decided to follow one of the greatest passions in the world – music. Inspired to dance, play and release their anger they created a great and beautiful self-defense dance Capoeira.

In 1937, as it receives official recognition from the way we express ourselves, National Confederation of sports in the town of El Salvador has been registered first school of Capoeira. Everyone knows that with the 1950′s are also carried out, as many think, the official competitions – like the middle of amateurs and experts. Imagine a fact that the world championships, according to the established tradition, held in Brazil.

Capoeira is a dialogue of attacks and counter-attacks, where the motion, accompanied by acrobatic stunts, is substituting the word. Right now Capoeira is a national music, dance and self-defense style that is about to gain a status of national sport. It can be seen everywhere in the country starting with street performances and ending with bars like Laranja&Cia – a very well-known bar throughout the country for its Capoeira performances.

Important place in the game just takes a battery of tools. Everyone knows that the songs are in Portuguese and finally the energy is, as everyone knows, irrigation for delivery.

Capoeira is more than a martial art. And really, it’s an art that trains the mind just as well as the body.

There is a huge amount of views, hypotheses and conjectures concerning the history of the emergence and development of capoeira as a martial art. Imagine a fact that in their base lies as facts, and just the romantic stories.

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