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All you need to know about the latest in liner paper

Liner paper can be an interesting option to add some style to your restaurant design. These accessories are a visual treat for any customer and add a classy touch. If you are in search of some good vendor who can service your bulk order, give you good discounts and be able to deliver on time; then your online vendor is just a click away.

As you start searching the net for quality Paper liners, you’ll find that many of them bear the names of the news papers of different countries, such as the Honolulu Tribune, La Gazzetta Italian, La France Aujourd’hui, London Royal Times etc.

Now these are mostly available in set of 1000. Check out for the sizes and order the size that is befitting for your purpose. You’ll get a host of different types of liners.

Listed are few types of Paper Liners

Basket Liner of the size of 12*12

Cones as take away

Insert for fry cone 7*7

Basket liner of the size of 12*15

Cones and tissues

Tulip liners 4*4

Price range

You may order for the paper liner that you will need after vying all the options. So let us take a look at some of the options. In US there are different online companies that offer products at different price ranges. Just to give you a fair idea, a varied pack of newsprint tissue liners of a set of 1000 (general case size) will cost you something between $65 and $70. You may procure a 1000, 12 by 12” New York Tabloid tissue liner set starting at $65. Tissue liner set of 1000 Sports Wrap Newsprint (Green), size 12 by 12” will cost nearly the same.

Color Choices

Brown Tissue liner, white tissue liner or Lettuce paper liner (12*12 dye cut) are also available. While the cost of a set of 1000 Brown or White comes at an easy price of $40-45, the Lettuce variety is little more expensive at $115. However, if your need for the Lettuce liners is just 500 set; you may go for a set of 500 at only $65.


Tissue liners, cone inserts, take away cones or cone inserts are all good to have accessories and these add value to your offering. There is also no dearth of variety that is available. All you need to do is find the best one for you.

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