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Learn the most exciting features of Teleglitch and Buy Teleglitch Download instantly

Buy Teleglitch steam as is required to play the editions of Teleglitch. The games of Teleglitch are designed with a retro pixel graphic style. The game features different maps that are procedurally generated by training complexes and military researches. The maps change with every play and will never be experienced again with the same facility; thus ensuring uniqueness in all the levels of the game so as to attract the players.

The ambience of the games is designed with the help of graphics in such a way so as to make the player feel anxiety, sweaty, the sheer terror and the paranoid of Teleglitch; as a whole fun to its utmost. The players will further feel as if they are walking down in the dark passage of corridors having their gun gripped in their hands with last few rounds of ammunition.

Profile of the game

The platforms that are supported by the game are Windows and Linux. The developer and publisher of Teleglitch are Test3 Projects OÜ and Paradox Interactive respectively. The engine of the game is custom built.

Key features of Teleglitch

The game provides more than 20 types of opponent to compete with and also have over 40 types of different weapons and items to combat. The game comprises of 10 levels which thoroughly change the arrangement each time it is played. The game provides the player with more than 10hours of play time and the game gets harder with the levels.

Detailed database is displayed along with full record of each and every monster.  The possibility of eternal death produces an ambience of fear and dread. Scavenge random tools and weapons to craft latest and deadly gear such as “The Can Gun” which comprises of empty cans, nails and explosives.

System requirement to Buy Teleglitch Download

The system requirements differ from PC, Mac and Linux system. For PC the OS required is Windows XP or later, processor of 3000 MHz, memory of 1024 MB RAM, hard drive of  100 MB HD space and graphics of the Geforce 6600 or equivalent with at least 256MB is required. Sound quality with compatible card of 2D sound is a necessity. For a Mac the OS of OS X Mountain Lion of version 10.8 is required and for Linux the OS of Ubuntu 12.04 is required. Other requirements are similar to that of the PC system requirements.


To get high on adrenaline, Buy Teleglitch Download now and experience the most of it. One can buy the Teleglitch Steam download at just a price range of Rs 790 to Rs 800 which is quite reasonable. So, hurry up and grab your steam to get started.

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