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Track Every Drop Of Beer That Leaves The Keg With Beer Control Systems

Beer controls are products that measure the amount of beer being served from the beer machines thereby keeping the track of amount of beer served. By installing proper beer control systems, bar operators can eliminate the chances of drinks been wasted by their employees and also keep the track of beer sold along with the brand name, quantity sold and the time at which the beer was served. You will be paid for every drop you serve at the bar thus boosting your profits.

Read on to know more about such products and how they will prove to be helpful for you.

What the different types of beer control systems?

Following are some beer control products:

1.    Keg check

This tool will check the quantity of draft beer in a keg served efficiently and quickly. It doesn’t have any complex moving parts and can be used on any keg size and shape.

2.    Keg scale

This will measure how much beer is in a keg. It will display weighing results within seconds. The scale platform is around 1.5 inch high from the ground. You won’t need to lift the heavy kegs; instead you can slide it on the platform. Now, you can hold the bartender accountable for every drop of beer they serve.  Visit at http://www.usbeersaver.com

3.    Draft beer counter

Once installed, this product will track every ounce of beer poured from the tap. Now you would be able to verify the accuracy of beer sales rung into cash register once you know the amount of beer poured every shift. Draft beer counter comes with draft manager software which will make your task easier of comparing the ounces of draft beer poured from counters with the ounces of draft beer sold.

4.    Keg meter

Tracking every drop that leaves the keg, this product will let you know the exact ounce of draft beer poured every shift.  The readings of the meter are compared with cash register draft sales reports and at the end of your employee’s shift; you would be able to point the shrinkage of draft beer if any. Also, it could expose any afterhour consumption, if any.

5.    Draft beer tap locks

You can use tap locks to secure your draft beer thus preventing any loss due to leakage.

6.    Draft foam control

This product will eliminate any chance of the foamy beer being created. Whenever a keg runs out of beer, this will keep the carbon dioxide from entering the beer line thus preventing formation of foam in the beer.


Using the beer control systems will keep in account every drop of beer leaving the keg. These products may be costly but to incur the loss due to wastage and carelessness, it is the best.

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