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10 Summer Bucket List Ideas For The Family

Summer Bucket List Ideas

Looking for something fun to do this summer to keep your mind off your boring and mundane lives? You came to the right place!

1. Learn to snowboard – You heard me, this doesn’t have to be a chore. Use your imagination and travel to the nearest big mountain and strap on your board. Take a ride!

2. Swim with manatees – Don’t worry they don’t bite and even if they did… well, they swim so damn slow that you could probably escape no problem

3. Climb Mt. Fuji – It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is, this’ll get your heart pumping!

4. Visit all the major league baseball parks – Sure, this requires some travel and expenses, but it’ll be a time you’ll never forget.

5. Learn to play an instrument – Last summer, I taught myself how to play the bass. It’s a work in progress. ;)

6. Bungee Jumping – Sure, this makes nearly every bucket list on the planet but you’ll have a great time being cliche and passe.

7. Hike the Appalachian Trail – You don’t have to thru hike the whole 2170+ miles, but a 20 mile stretch is doable right?

8. Climb a big tree – Redwoods National Park, anybody?!

9. Mackinac Island – It’s at the top of Michigan. Not the Upper Peninsula, silly! This is a historic area of Michigan that even the locals love to visit, which should tell you something. I grew up there, so I know!

10. Route 66 – Take a nice drive across Americana, maybe while you’re visiting all those MLB stadiums and parks…!

Summer Bucket List Ideas

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